Singing Health: A Vocalist Guide

 Singing Health: A Vocalist Guide


The topic of today’s article is singing health. I am going to share with you some ways to keep your voice in great condition  so that you are always sounding your best.

A vocal warm up is probably the most important and effective way to keep your voice in great condition. Start with a quick warm up first thing in the morning. Sing exercises at a comfortable low pitch with minimal volume. Exercises like humming, light vocal fry, lip rolls and relaxed vocal slides are perfect.

You should give your voice time to “wake up” before doing a more complete warm up. Take some time to do some light exercise like walking to energise your body and breath before a heavier vocal workout.

You need to drink plenty of water to maintain moisture in your throat. If your throat and vocal cords are dry your voice will feel scratchy because as your cords come together the friction will cause irritation. If you don’t want to drink litres of water per day I recommend getting a vocal spray like entertainer’s secret. It will give your throat an instant moisture hit.

A singer’s best friend is definitely steam! Steam will moisten your throat, unclog your sinus cavity, loosen up mucus and relieve swelling of your vocal cords. There are a few ways you can steam your voice. A hot shower first thing in the morning when combined with a gentle warm up will do wonders for your voice. A personal steam inhaler is perfect if you want a quick hit of steam before a performance and a humidifier will work



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