Pro’s and Cons of FAP Turbo Automated EA – Automated Forex, Trust it Or Not?

 Pro’s and Cons of FAP Turbo Automated EA – Automated Forex, Trust it Or Not?


Since the deregulating of the foreign exchange in 1977 there has been numerous Automated Forex traders on the market, automated EA’s ended the dreaded chore  Broker check  of number crunching. The laboriously slow task, a mission that as a Forex trader you. Luckily these days if you don’t want to mess up there are options!

Pros For An EA What Are The Benefits

You don’t need to be a Forex maths genius to make very good living from the forex Market. An automated forex EA (expert adviser / trading guide) has a knowledge base far greater than the human mind.

A Trader who doesn’t sleep. Trades 24hrs a day you don’t have to be around at all with some automated EA’s. A couple trade on a virtual server so you don’t even have to have your computer on.

A blessing is being able to see proof of what your getting… Some say automated forex scams traders. But you can easily see proof of a EA’s performance. Forex automated EA’s have to show back-testing results. FAPTurbo has over 10 years of results.

Profitability is a must of course. EA’s open up a whole new world of consistent trading profitability. Today’s trading guides like the FAPTurbo forex trading bots have re-calibrated algorithm’s that are guaranteeing over 96% or trades will be winners. With LIVE proof.

Con’s To An EA The down Sides

You are usually stuck with pre-programmed pairs to trade on, altering these settings usually spells disaster unless your really confident in your own settings. However the pre-programmed are set to known winning formulas.

You do miss the growing knowledge of forex markets and the automated forex EA doesn’t tell you how it’s doing unless you go and look up your results. but when pips are on the increase yo do tend to worry a lot less.

There are just too many to choose from. Unless you can lay your hands on a tried and tested forex trading guide. You could be just throwing away good money.

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