Paintball Strategies – Elimination

 Paintball Strategies – Elimination


One of the most common paintball games is elimination.Therefore, we have decided to make it our first paintball strategies page. Exciting right? OK maybe it’s not that exciting, but it’s better than reading about socks. Alrighty 303 British ammo for sale then, onto the stuff:

-It’s really a pretty simple game, probably the first you’ll play. It was for me. Everyone starts out with one life all across the field, then it’s a hectic free for all until everyone is shot or out of ammo.

Free for all, this should be kind of simple, basically in regular elimination there are no teams or allies, so it’s just you and your marker.

One strike, you’re out, unlike baseball, in most free for all elimination games, if you get shot once anywhere on your person, INCLUDING your gun, you’re out for the rest of the game.

NO respawns, as stated above, if you’re shot, that’s it. Hey, at least you’re not dead though right?

Look twice before crossing the courtyard, sound familiar? Something your mom used to say about the street? While it sounds corny, it’s actually kind of important. You need to stay aware of your surroundings and look before you leap. Your biggest advantage will be surprise, so find your enemy before he/she finds you.



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