Motherboard Maintenance Tips

 Motherboard Maintenance Tips


Here is some data in regards to motherboards that you might need to know about. However motherboard support isn’t finished by a great many people consistently, here are a few hints that you might view as helpful if by any means ever you really want to do it without anyone else’s help. Note: Exercise requirement while taking care of motherboard circuit board parts as it’s delicate and can be impacted by even a little electrostatic release (ESD) gave from your hands to the circuit parts you interact with! Ensure you are utilizing defensive enemy of static gadgets/clothing prior to dealing with the motherboard. Additionally ensure that the power supply link is taken off from the attachment prior to opening up your PC for examination.


Motherboard support tips –


* Accepting that the power string is disengaged and you are utilizing legitimate enemy of static hardware, start by blowing compacted air over the motherboard to dispose of residue and grime. Ensure you hold the air blower spout at a point in order to blow dust out of the bureau.

* In the wake of blowing air, utilize a little hand held battery worked vacuum cleaner to suck out any soil left over inside the bureau. Try not to involve an ordinary electric controlled cleaner as it can possibly create electric releases.

* For the two methodology referenced above, ensure the blower/vacuum cleaner spouts are not interacting with the motherboard. Additionally try not to blow away or take out little motherboard parts like jumpers.

* Clean the hotness sink of the motherboard utilizing an enemy of static fabric and ensure it is situated appropriately on the processor.

* Eliminate any extension cards like RAM, video cards and wipe the gold contacts tenderly utilizing an enemy of static material. Whenever cleaning is done, set them back into their individual spaces and ensure they are situated appropriately.

* Check association links and different contacts. Ensure there are no lose associations.

* Check all motherboard mounting screws and ensure they are secured appropriately.

* Look out for the CMOS battery. Supplant released batteries right away.


The previously mentioned motherboard upkeep tips can be performed for work area pc, one time each year. This guarantees life span of its parts.


Some normal motherboard related issues:

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