Discover Koh Tao’s Wonderful Beaches


Koh Tao is a grand island situated on the southern district of Thailand. It is remote and not created as different islands in Thailand. The airborne view shows Koh Tao has a kidney bean shape. A large portion of the well known sea shores in Koh Tao point toward the west. Koh Tao has many sea shores including Saire Beach, Mae Haad Beach, Chalok Baan Kao Beach, Koh Nang Yuan, Mango Bay, Aow Lek, Rocky Bay, Haad Sai Daeng Beach, Tanote Bay, Hin Wong Bay, Laem Thian and Sai Tong Beach. Sairee Beach is a bended ocean side with 2 miles in length of coastline. Many palm trees should be visible becoming on Sairee Beach. There are additionally different kinds of trees and plants developing on the shore of Sairee Beach. It is an extraordinary spot for doing swimming and nangs delivery brisbane exercises. The coral reef is situated around 100 meters from the shore of Sairee Beach. There is an enormous number of resorts and cafés situated at Sairee Beach. The shallow water makes the ocean side to be reasonable for youngsters.


Mae Haad Beach is an ideal sun washing spot. Numerous rich retreats can be found at Mae Haad Beach. Regardless of where you stay at Mae Haad Beach, you will actually want to partake in the nightfall. From the ocean side, you can get a decent perspective on the western district of Koh Tao. Children can have a good time in the shallow water. It is additionally a decent swimming game as a result of the assorted exotic fish populace. Assuming you plunge under the water at Mae Haad Beach, you will see a wooden wreck which had abandoned upon the reef quite some time in the past. Numerous facilities and cafés can be found close by the Mae Haad Beach.


Chalok Baan Kao is arranged on the southern side of Koh Tao. It faces the Ang Thong Marine Park. The Ang Thong Marine Park became popular because of Alex Garland’s “The Beach” lobby. Chalok Baan Kao is one of the most well known sea shores on Koh Tao. The normal area of the ocean side makes it be protected from the breeze. It is great for families as a result of the warm and shallow water. No speedboat will meander the water around the island. Conveniences, for example, eateries, inn and resorts can be found close by Chalok Baan Kao Beach. The Rockey Bay, which situated inside the vicinity, offers a decent swimming spot.


Koh Nang Yuan Island is a seaward island of Koh Tao. It is a blend of 3 islands. Every one of the islands is associated with the ocean side. Whenever the sea tide is low, you can walk to the island. The water at Koh Nang Yuan Island is very shallow so youngsters can have a good time here without being presented to chances. Koh Nang Yuan Resort gives convenience to travelers who are visiting the Koh Nang Yuan Island.


Mango Bay is notable for the mango trees. You will observe numerous mango trees developing on the slants of the slopes encompassing the ocean side. It has a sickle shape ocean side with little coral. You should travel 20 meters off the ocean side if you have any desire to go swimming. Mango Bay isn’t occupied so it is a remote spot. You can take speed boat to Mango Bay. This ocean side is an unquestionable requirement visit assuming you end up being in Koh Tao. Mango Bay has a cottage resort where sightseers can remain for the time being.


Aow Lek is a swimming spot for vacationers. Around the Aow Lek island, you will track down many steep slopes. You can get to the island by boat. Assuming you are at Rocky Bay, you can follow a short section to Aow Lek.

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