Chi Sim Weng Chun: A Soft Martial Art

Chi Sim Weng Chun: A Soft Martial Art


Chi Sim Weng Chun is a delicate type of Chinese Kung Fu. This military workmanship is particularly philosophical and profound. Its definitive ultimate objective is to join the body and psyche into one, well-working machine. It utilizes the energy of your rival against them, rather than endeavoring to coordinate with their actual strength. This is cultivated by means of troublesome actual preparing and an inside and out philosophical establishment. You figure out how to comprehend your body’s minutes and the most ideal approaches to utilize them in the craft of self-protection.




In the same way as other different types of Kung Fu, Sim Weng Chun offers a lifestyle choice your life to the fullest by accepting certain rules Crack FluidSim that go a lot farther than simply battling strategies. It shows you how to carry on with a full and legitimate life, as opposed to endeavoring to comprehend actual reality. Weng Chun utilizes five degrees of astuteness to assist you with dominating the actual battling techniques, alongside ultimately arriving at a full authority of both body and brain. This permits you to utilize the standards in regular day to day existence, not simply on the mat.


The primary degree of insight is called Ying. Ying shows you fundamental shapes and structures. At the end of the day, it’s the actual battling establishment of Weng Chun; or the part that shows you how to kick and punch. The subsequent level is known as Yi. Yi shows a more profound comprehension of the actual developments related with Weng Chun. It centers around hand to hand battle strategies which utilize the eighteen Kiu Sao ideas. The third level is called Lei. Lei disguises the actual developments into a natural structure through reiteration. The Lei level permits you to start preparing to utilize the self-thick guideline in regular daily existence, like profound established discipline and discretion.


The fourth level is called Faat. Faat dives into how to get reality. It’s typically communicated as far as existence (paradise), inward energy (human), and character and gravity (earth). The fifth and last level is called Seut. At this level you have fostered an authority of ability to entertain and expertise, and can show the standards of discipline and poise in your regular day to day existence. Now the entirety of your activities should mirror the Kung Fu life.


6 ½ Principles


Tai. Tai encourages you to startle your rival with up power.


Lan. You use Lan to control and lock your rival, and counter their assault.


Faint. Faint is a spectacular exhibition procedure. For example, a strong strike that shocks your rival.


Pack. Pack trains you to close down an assault and make openings in your rival’s safeguard.


Got. You use Got to hinder strikes and kicks from your assailant.


Wun. Wun shows you how to utilize circumnavigating moves, giving you a lot of smooth motion.


Lau. Lau shows you how to move with quick, and liquid exactness. When joined with the wide range of various standards, it makes a powerful self-thick framework.

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