A 34-In-1 Golf Club?

 A 34-In-1 Golf Club?


Considering our tremendous number of 160+ “Michiana” region greens inside NW Indiana and SW Michigan, we commonly are extremely bustling chatting with and about these numerous awesome courses to save a lot of time for item audits. Be that as it may, this uncommon special case likewise has connections to the Michiana region: The Divnick Adjustable Golf Club – – genuinely in a class without anyone else.


Envision a very much fabricated club that begins at a simple 17″ long, making the Divnick amazingly simple to throw into a short-term sack for voyaging. Once at the course, your Divnick stretches out to standard size (37″, 38.5″ or gclub custom lengths accessible) with the look and feel of an exemplary iron. In any case, the Divnick has another interesting perspective, or the “Stand by there’s more…”, it additionally has a customizable head that can rapidly change from a putter to a driver to a full arrangement of irons and 8 wedges. From that point you can likewise lock it on HALF LOFTS to precisely dial-in the club/space required! On the whole, the Divnick can give 34 clubs the heaviness of only 1 club.


The Divnick Adjustable Golf Club was created by one-time Michiana occupant Steve Divnick, who was once a teacher at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan. Divnick took up the sport of golf in 1988, and thought it was awkward to require such countless various clubs. This began Divnick on four years of improvement and testing of a clubhead that could be locked on the different lofts found with an ordinary arrangement of clubs. He licensed the Whole-In-One DIVNICK™ Adjustable Golf Club and is currently transportation to purchasers all over the planet.


The flexible clubhead is built with 17-4 treated steel, which is a similar material utilized when making star metal woods. The Divnick head then, at that point, locks to the shaft, giving the reaction and strong feel as you would find with a customary club.


During our testing, we were contrasting the Divnick with any semblance of Titleist irons and TaylorMade woods, so the Divnick had some firm rivalry (pardon the play on words?).


To start with, we set the Divnick club to the pitching wedge setting since that is the place where we like to start all our warm-ups. On four successive swings, we hit the Divnick around 110-115 yards. Not awful, and we truly loved the ball flight and feel.


Then, we situated the club at the 8-iron setting. We hit it right at our objective a few times in succession. This was astounding considering this was our first time attempting the club. Generally to get a decent vibe for a specific club, you’d need a few trips with it. We viewed the Divnick as evident at all settings and were likewise amazed by the fact that it is so natural to change the space of the clubface.


The Divnick club plays well and afterward can be imploded to a tiny size. This is ideal for an incessant voyager and those that should diminish the quantity of clubs and weight of their pack… if not the whole pack for one Divnick. In any case, carrying a driver with a more drawn out shaft than is standard with the Divnick is consistently great to have available. Divnick likewise has drivers with adjustable shafts for the individuals who need the full-driving distance with the voyaging compactness.

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